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A Father's Heart

Chapter 1: One

by sheraiah

Genre: Star Wars
Disclaimer: Not mine and no profit is being mage.
Warning: If you have not seen the movie, you may want to wait to
read this. There are MAJOR spoilers contained within.

It was after midnight, Bail Organa knew that but he could not sleep.
So much tragedy had occurred, so many lives lost, and the losses
swirled in his head refusing to allow him to rest. He could not
foresee what would happen now that the Republic was gone, replaced
by Palpatine's Empire. He feared for Alderaan, for his people, all
the people in the erstwhile Republic, and for the few Jedi that had
survived the massacre.

Obi-Wan Kenobi had finally agreed to seek some rest and had retired
to the room set aside for his use. Yoda had not retired, but was
sitting in front of a large window, meditating. Bail himself was
exhausted, but doubted that sleep would come easily for some time.

More than anything, he mourned the loss of his dear friend and
fellow senator, Padme. One more casualty of Anakin's fall, he mused
bitterly, as if the Jedi children had not been enough. The very
thought of that turned his stomach. And now two more children were
left without a mother, and with a father who was the worst kind of

He was somewhat surprised to find that his wandering feet had led
him to the medical unit, and slightly more surprised to find himself
standing next to the bassinette where Padme's children lay.

The little boy, Luke, was asleep with his thumb in his mouth. His
sister, Leia, was wide-awake and seemed to be looking around
curiously. Bail knew that babies this young could not see very far,
but it seemed to him that she was searching for something. He
stepped closer, and her attention appeared to shift to him.

Almost before he realized what he was doing, he lifted her from the
bassinette and tucked her into the crook of his arm. She stared up at
him, the baby gray-blue of her eyes already darkening into what he
knew would be the same warm brown shade her mother's eyes had been.

Both babies were beautiful, but he was already partial to Leia. Even
at this early stage, he could easily see Padme in her. He stroked
her tiny fist with one finger, and broke into a broad grin when she
wrapped her hand tightly around the stroking digit. A lullaby from
his childhood came into him mind then, and he began to rock the
little one, singing softly to her.

Hush, little one.
The sun has set,
The day is done.
Safe in my arms,
You shall sleep.
Close to my heart,
No more to weep.
The sweetest dreams,
Are yours to see.
And dark and fears,
No more to be.

He could remember no more of the song, but it did not matter for the
baby had fallen asleep, her dark eyelashes resting on her chubby
cheeks and her rosebud mouth making suckling motions. A whisper of
sound behind him heralded Master Yoda's arrival and reluctantly, he
placed the child back in her bed next to her brother.

"Protected they must be," the diminutive Jedi Master intoned
softly. "A threat they are, to their father and Palpatine. Found, we
cannot allow them to be." He met Bail's eyes solemnly, the sorrow of
the last few days showing clearly in his ancient gaze. "Discuss the
matter we will, when awake Obi-Wan is." With that, the Jedi Master
moved on leaving Bail to his thoughts once more.

Gently, he stroked Leia's cheek. "Don't worry, little one. We will
keep you both safe. I swear it." On impulse, he reached over and
stroked Luke's cheek as well before dropping a kiss onto each of the
children's foreheads.

A few hours later, in the meeting room:

"My wife and I will take the girl. We have often spoken of adopting
a little girl."

The End

for now...........