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The Personification of Evil: The Corruption of Angband

Chapter 1: Corruption of Angband pt. 1

by Aeode

My beta: Larie. She's an amazing writer, and actually brought up the idea of this story! Yay!

Part 1
Almaren, Predating Valinor

"Not much duration doest remain before 'tis time for this Middle-earth's creation," Nienna whispered in the shadow of the empty world-to-be, clutching the tips of her billowing tresses in her delicate hands pensively. "Ilúvatar has spoken." And at long last, it was time for the Ainur to unfold his great plan, for the music was distributed, and the first notes strung. Melkor stood closely, watching also the gathered darkness beyond which lay the greatest task yet appointed, and a new purpose. Casting his eyes hither, he watched the angelic Ainu standing contemplatively aloof, and sensed her anxieties as if they were his own.

Stepping forward with his hand outstretched, he placed his broad hand upon her soft shoulder firmly. "Do not worry, Nienna. Eru has given us specific mandates; we have only to compose the music tactfully, and use our greatest of judgements," he said faintly, words succoring the ears of Nienna as they were spoken.

Nienna turned then to the handsome faced Ainu, smiling appreciatively at his favored words. Melkor returned the expression, encompassing the small form of his beloved within his arms, holding her beautiful face to his chest. Her warm breath came out in warm puffs against his bare flesh, and he felt his conscious efforts of stability crumpling in those breaths that she took. Wistfully, Melkor entwined his long, slender fingers within the thick locks of curl at the nape of Nienna's smooth neck, and kissed the top of her head affectionately.

"Ainulindalë it is to be christened: music of the holy. To create such music shalt not be facile, Melkor." The hand gripped slightly tighter within the Ainu's hair at the words spoken, immediately relaxing when Nienna shifted within his embrace, and looked upwardly into the glistening eyes of the one whom she loved.

"Manwë hast become confident in our duty that we shalt prove successful," he encouraged, wiping several stray tears lingering in Nienna's eyes, and feeling the warm moisture fall from his thumb pads. A warm affection crept to Nienna's face at the mere mention of Melkor's brother, and she inhaled deeply. If he was confident that this chore would not be failed, confidence must also be hers.

Melkor watched the steady reassurance enfold Nienna, blanketing her in strong conviction. But the faith she depended upon rested not within himself, he knew; but within Manwë. An unexpected, and fresh pain pricked at the length of his soul. Manwë it was, and had always been that the Ainu looked to in Ilúvatar's stead. Brothers they were, Melkor and Manwë, and not so unalike as widely believed by those who knew both. Melkor had strength, creativity, and empathy as his brother.

So why could Melkor not receive the indulgences that were tossed at Manwë's very feet? Furthermore, why did the Ainur he adored most find lessened comfort in he whom she claimed to love, than Varda's own husband?

Melkor was the greatest Ainu; most powerful. His will would be done.

"Come," Melkor said finally, subsiding the growing uneasiness within his soul to the best of his ability. "The world awaits creation." Nienna nodded, chest heaving in deep breaths as she gathered the courage offered to her. A brief kiss upon the cheek was all that Melkor received from his beloved before she wheeled off, turning toward where the gathering of Ainur had already begun. Melkor watched Nienna step slowly away from him, and the gentile smile which caressed her face when Manwë greeted her, inviting her participation in the becoming of this new age.

As he watched his beautiful Nienna and handsome brother step away, a steady surge of blackness peaked within his mind. The emotion was not particularly new, being long on the wane...but the mere existence seemed to only grow each time.

With a momentary pause, Melkor regathered his sensibility by inhaling deeply, and followed Nienna's footsteps in unsettledness.

- - - - -

I chose for the Ainur to be represented with human-like dispositions as well as aspects. I thought in this way, it would be better to relate to the characters--seeing as they are basically archangels of Middle-earth.


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Corruption of Angband pt. 1
31 May 2007
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23 Jul 2007