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Chapter 1: Prologue – The Beginning of The End

by sivan

Title: Exposed
Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@walla.com
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Rating: FRT - 13
Disclaimer: Don’t know them.
Summary: Speed’s undercover has been exposed.
Beta: Tammy Smile smiley face Thank you sweetie. All the remain mistakes are mine!
Warning: Blood, angst, violence. OOC, just in case. OC’s are mine. WIP
Spoiler: Dispo Day, and Totally AU.
A/N: My first case in this Fandom.


Prologue – The Beginning of The End

Identify POV
: Tim Speedle, aka, Speed, aka Cheetah.


I’ve been undercover close to three years. I've tried to keep my identity a secret. This has not been easy, as I know a lot of the people that I see in clubs.

There have been many times that I’ve been confused with the names that I've created for myself, including the backgrounds to each one of them.

That’s true. I mean, if there are only two names, I still have a lot to recollect.

The names are the easy part from my point of view. But the hard part is keeping myself alive from the drug dealers, not wanting to find myself dead.

Even at work I try to keep a distance from the team. I don’t wish to see them hurt, nor myself for that matter. After all, to me, the safety of the team is my top priority.

Three years ago, I was asked to keep my distance from the team, and even from my boss, and they always remind me of the deal:

“You will do the undercover job for us, or your past will be revealed to your boss. And, soon, you will be off of the police force. No one will hire you, as everyone will know that you are a murderer.”

I bite my tongue as I think, ‘But I didn’t kill anyone, why me?’

Raymond, Horatio’s thought to be dead younger brother, and I have been working undercover together. We watch each other’s back.

Ray knows my secrets and I know his. I also know the side of him that his brother, my boss, will never know.

If Horatio ever finds out that I saw them, killing him, and yet did nothing, I think that I might have to search for a new job. He will kill me himself, and let the guys dump me somewhere where no one will ever find me.


I was glad when Horatio agreed that I could be in the semi-trailer to move the drugs.

Finally I can rest a little from my double life that has been created for me.

I allowed myself to close my eyes for a moment, wanting to hear nothing at all... only quiet. That's all I need, not wishing even to speak with the driver or Horatio, that is following us in his silver Hummer.

‘Oh God, how I miss this, the quiet!’ I happily think, giving myself some much needed rest.

My eyes snap open. There seems to be something wrong. I can feel my body start to shiver slightly, and I take a minute to glance over at the driver.

It seems that he doesn't feel the way that I feel, as he continues to drive as if nothing is bothering him. I can feel the dread filling in my body.

The hairs on the back of my neck rise as a feeling of dread, which I can't even begin to explain, courses through me.

I don’t know how I know, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that something bad is about to happen and there is nothing I can do to prevent it.

In the middle of nowhere, it has to happen. A car, a civilian, and a baby are in the fire line.

I have no idea where the car came from, as I am busy trying to save my life and the driver. I can feel the bullets around me, and I can hear the empty casings falling on my legs and on the ground around me.

I stare over at the driver, who is laying in the seat. There is blood in his seat. I swallow hard trying not to let the smell of the blood get to me. Then, I open the truck door, as I try to look for cover, not wanting to get shot.

I see none. I pull my gun, remembering that I cleaned it about a week ago. And I truly hope that nothing wrong will happen to it, or to me.

Now, I am kneeling beside the truck, using the shield of the truck as a shield.

I can see shoes, as I kneel hiding. I count the shoes; there are six shoes on the other side of the truck. I know there are three of waiting for me to show my head, so they can shoot me

I watch them desperately. But my gun, it has jammed. Nothing is happening!

Then, it happens.

My worst nightmare. I see the man come closer to me. I find myself distracted as I try to fix my gun. I can hear the click as he loads his gun. Then, he aims the gun at
me, as I lay in the road. I look at my gun and pull the trigger again, but still nothing happens.

“You betrayed us,” the man says and shoots me.

I can feel the pain climbing through my body.

The blood is dripping from my body. I can smell it.

I know that I have now become a target for the drug dealers.

My identity as a cop has been exposed.

The next thing that I know as I lose my battle to stay conscious.