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Above It All

Chapter 1: Above it all

by Alassante

'I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright!'

For so long I had to share the spotlight and glory with them. They often chided me that they were the true gems and I was only the spare. As if. Beren and Luthien picked me over them, because, after all, that beautiful Luthien was a snazzy dresser with excellent taste. But then all that mess with her son, Dior. Simply tragic. All because he had to be cocky and wear me in a necklace, flaunting me around. Of course, the Feanorians got all upset about it. They aren’t known for being rational after all. Do you know how hard it is to wash blood off ‘unknown material’? It is not as though Feanor left any washing instructions behind.

And then sometime later that drama queen Elwing had to go throw herself into the sea! Good thing the Valar realized I was best kept out of reach, sticking me on her husband’s brow. Here I am sitting pretty on Vingilot in the skies. What is a gem to do?

As I look down upon the lesser two Silmarils, I only have two words for them.

Neener Neener.

A/N I Feel Pretty ~ Words by Stephen Sondheim from the musical West Side Story
Silmaril belongs to JRRT himself. I own nothing.