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There and Back Again--A Mystery

Chapter 1: There and Back Again--A Mystery

by eiranae

There and Back Again
A mystery
By Indor

The sons of Galdor have returned, and they bring with them a most puzzling mystery.

Well do I recall the anguish Galdor endured when first he heard tell of the supposed fate of his beloved sons. To lose one child will tear the heart of any loving father, but to lose both sons in one fell swoop would cause more pain than I could scarce comprehend.

My own Aerin would not cease her weeping for a fortnight. The loss of her two long-time playmates wounded the frail flower immeasurably. How long did I watch her sluggish steps as she went about her tasks? All this we suffered as search after search revealed no sign of the lost brethren.

And now, here they stand like two young princes just come from a palace instead of two wayfarers who have spent the last year in the wilds, struggling for survival. Not a word will they speak to explain their absence. No explanation will they offer for their present state of fitness. What magic takes a vagabond and transforms him into a Lord? What forest envelopes a weary traveler only to offer him up later in the image of an Elf? Can rock and tree succor a man? Do birds and beasts lend him their shelter? Can the wind or stars nourish him? Nay.

Greatly do I desire to see the sights that have been displayed to these two brothers, to taste the delights they have partaken of. Long have I wished to feel the richness of such finery, to smell the savor of luxury. Even to hear the tale of their stay would be music such as these ears have never heard.

For there is only one solution I can fathom to a riddle such as this. One explanation only can be found for such a dilemma.

Hurin and Huor have seen Gondolin.

A/N: I couldn't find any information on Indor except the name of his daughter, Aerin. As it turns out, though, he did live during a time when a mysterious event occurred.

Thanks to Neu and everyone else who worked so hard to make this challenge possible.