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Chapter 1: Forgivenss

by LadyBluejay


Faster and faster the fiddlers played, the dancers whirling around the hall in a swirl of colour and noise. Breathlessly, I collapsed against my husband’s chest, unable to dance one more step.

“I will have to leave, Éomer. Elfwine will want his last feed, and if I dance anymore he will only get butter.”

“Oh…I suppose you have to,” in spite of the grin, disappointment dragged at his words. His voice dropped seductively, “But before you go, Lothíriel, a kiss for Yule under the mistletoe is traditional.”

Laughing, I looked up at the high roof. “I don’t see any.”

One hand cradled my face, the other possessively pulled me against him. “I am sure there is plenty around.”

Willingly, I surrendered to the hot lips seeking mine.

We broke apart, Éomer’s arm tightening on my waist, his voice coming out in a low growl. “I won’t be very long, try not to fall asleep.”

Still tingling from his kiss, I nodded agreement. But escaping to the side of the hall brought me face to face with my father. His hand held a goblet, his eyes a gleam of satisfaction.

“I rather think I am forgiven, Lothíriel.”

So, our stolen kiss had not gone unnoticed. I might love my father, but that particular look of superiority and the – I told you so – expression, never ceased to irritate me.

“Forgiven father? For what?” He would not get it easily.

But his eyes filled with laughter. Infuriating man!

“Lothíriel, I don’t believe you have so readily forgotten all the accusations you flung at me – selling you to a stranger … banishing you to a foreign land…loving duty more than my own daughter…”

“There is one more accusation!” I hissed though my teeth. “It is being so utterly insufferable when you are proved right!”


A peaceful and joyful Christmas to all my readers. The next chapter of Tide of Destiny will be along soon. LBJ