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Ode to the Peacekeeper War

Chapter 1: Ode to the Peacekeeper War

by Viv

Four precious arns to conclude dearly held
Expectations of a happy ending.
You began in pieces, at war, blending
Love, flight, hopeless odds: all this merely. Frell.
You chased ghost plans across the star-filled space
Never with time sufficient or knowledge
Enough to loose the weapons they hunted.
In the temple you saw peace face-to-face,
And in horror you watched it die, but pledged
To carry the fight and seek the end they wanted.

And so, with time too short and hope too thin
You plunged into the battle core. What other
Doom for heroes? From soldier to mother
To both at once, she bore reason to win.
Until he sat unflinching for the fight;
Time may heal all wounds, but dying leaves scars.
So in cataclysm you sought surcease
Or peace demand, an end at last to flight.
With children and the vast demesne of stars
Thy series ended. Farewell, go in peace.