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Chapter 1: Apology I

by NancyBrooke

Theres only one way to comfort a widow. But remember the risk.
Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long
Time Enough For Love, Robert A. Heinlein

Silently, Mal pulled the door behind him, easing the latch back into its slot with nary a click. He hoped Missus Nope, had to use her real name now, specially seeing as theyd Misty. He hoped Misty could keep sleeping as hed left her, like it was the first peaceful night shed had maybe since she n Misterd come to the Post, certainly since hed been shot, or so shed told Mal over that fifth or was it sixth? whiskey. Whichever, hed been clear enough when shed asked him to see her home, and clear enough when hed accepted.

Its not like itd been hard. Mal padded out onto the porch and set to pulling up his boots, then chuckled to himself OK, it had been very hard but then hed always admired Missus Misty and any flirtatious exchanges he could get in when visiting the Post had always made them both smile, though under the watchful eye of Mister every time before now.

Still, the words of the note hed left her kept running around his head, just like they had been all night long:

Dont be mistaken in my leaving. Im not sorry for making love to you last night, and Im not sorry for making love to you this morning. Im not even sorry for leaving you, sleeping so peaceful-like, and Im not sorry I cant say when Ill be back because we both know that counting on anything like that in this verse will only make us both sorry.

Mal allowed himself just one more moment to look behind his eyes and see her again, all splayed legs, bared breasts and tangled sheets, then moved on in the direction of Serenity, the prospective client meet he couldnt miss, and the inevitable ribbing he wished he could.



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Apology I
15 May 2009
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15 May 2009