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In His Eyes

Chapter 1: In His Eyes

by Alassante

AN For Viv You're in my thoughts and prayers. mwahs

Galadriel gripped the railing tightly as the boat swayed on the waves. A flutter of nerves filled her stomach and made her pale.

‘I should have waited for Celeborn. This would have been easier with him here…’ They would be docking in the Undying Lands soon and she would have to face her greatest fear; seeing the one whose disapproval would break her.

The beaches of Alqualondë were quiet and washed clean. But if she closed her eyes she could still see that night, the night she had dared go against her father and depart these lands. She remembered her brothers calling for her to make a choice, to follow them or turn back. Her father had not spoken. His gaze cast across the bloody beaches then returned to her. Firelight from the torches had lit up his face, and she saw sorrow and disappointment in his eyes, so like hers. The sound of her heart pounding drowned out all sound except his saying her name. He did not call to her to return, he simply said her name. But in his voice it was clear; ‘do the right thing Artanis.’

She had turned and followed Finrod, straightening her back to portray bravery; but in her heart she knew, she was a coward. Rather than face Finarfin and beg for understanding, Galadriel had put her desires for her own lands first and followed her brothers to Middle-earth.

If she had known what was to come, would she have remained? Was her father’s disapproval worse than fighting Morgoth and Sauron over the ages? Would she be welcomed now – an exile by ignorance, if not by her sins? She knew she had never killed any of her kin — nor had her brothers. But her father had seen her last on the ravaged beaches of Alqualondë amidst the horror and devastation her cousins and uncle had caused: Fëanor, her betrayer, the leader to her damnation.

The boat docked before she had completely composed herself. She watched with sadness as Elrond was greeted by Celebrian, who wept when she learned about Arwen. Before her daughter could greet her, however, Galadriel felt someone on the pier watching her. She knew who it was before she turned toward him: her father. Drawing a deep shaky breath, she waited a moment before she saw in his eyes what she could only hoped for – love, pride, and forgiveness.