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Why Me?

Chapter 1: 1: The Chosen One

by sivan

Title: Why Me?
Author: Sivan Shemesh
Beta: Aranel
Disclaimer: I do not own either the LOTR or HP worlds or characters. They have been created and are owned by J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling respectively, and I'm just borrowing them for my own plot.
Rate: K+
Warning: Humor/angst, crack!fic, friendship, crossover, might OOC, AU.
Summary: Harry is not the only one who can speak with snakes. Poor Legolas has to stay all by himself with a bunch of hobbits, not knowing that they are only children.

A/N: This crossover bunny came to me after I re-read my story: Adar & Ion: An Eagle's Ride. Then it came, so I have to write it down.


Chapter 1: The Chosen One

Middle Earth


Gandalf watched the elf as he walked gracefully, embraced by all the sounds of nature around him. So entranced was he, when nature called him and spoke with him, that he did not seem to be aware of the wizard's presence.

The wizard sighed heavily, knowing that what he would have to do would only cause misery to everyone. But still, Gandalf the Grey knew that as a wizard, he had to do his duty, and, by the Valar, Legolas did help him sometimes when he needed aid.

Some snakes were following the prince, hissing and crawling closer, and Gandalf watched to know what the elf would do, knowing how great the power was inside him.

Legolas only knelt beside the snakes, running a hand down to pat their heads and opened his mouth to speak with them. But all that Gandalf heard was Legolas hissing, as the snakes did.

"What did you say?" He asked the elf softly.

Legolas turned and smiled. "I said, 'My friends, why are you in such a hurry?' They're saying that something's hunting them."

Gandalf nodded thoughtfully, noticing that Legolas had lifted his sword from the sheath like there was some danger in the shadows, waiting to attack. A while later, he eased up when he saw Legolas keep his blade. The snakes must have had told him something.

The wizard sighed again and turned around, walking toward the king's palace, knowing that this day would be the last day that Legolas shared with his father; the prince had been invited to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Gandalf turned slightly, seeing how their current headmaster was watching Legolas as well. Sensing him, the headmaster turned and nodded, moving his wand lightly. Gandalf only nodded and gestured in return. There was no need to speak; they both knew that Legolas was the chosen one.

Gandalf the Grey took his time as he walked on, hoping that by the time he arrived to chat with Thranduil, Legolas would be back.

"Gandalf the Grey, what are you doing here?" The king asked him, walking out from the palace, and then with worry in his eyes, he continued, "Is something wrong? Has Legolas gotten hurt?"

Gandalf only smiled at him, and lifted his staff toward the king. At its tip, Thranduil saw something like a ball appear, sparkling at him. In it, he could see his son in a strange, undefined land that he had never seen in his life.

"What am I seeing, Gandalf?" Thranduil asked.

"Your son, Thranduil, your son is a wizard like me, yet not altogether the same. He will be able to do much more when he has learned how to," The wizard replied, and noticing the frown that featured in the king's face, he added, "He is the chosen one."



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1: The Chosen One
21 Sep 2009
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21 Sep 2009