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Loving Samantha: Mornings

Chapter 1: Loving Samantha: Mornings

by TheHeartbreakQueen

Loving Samantha: Mornings


Dean Winchester's eyes moved under his eye-lids but didn't open them, not wanting to open them and get up. His eyebrows furrowed when he felt something warm around his waist. Opening his eyes, he blinked, and when the sleep haze cleared, he saw his sister, Samantha Winchester's smiling face. Her eyes were closed, but a faint smile of bliss was coating her plump lips. Still staring at her, he let his lips pull into a rare smile, one which was only reserved for his sister. Although, she never saw the smile; there was no way he'd smile her smile in front of her. It would be very weird to see your brother, the one who practically never smiles suddenly smile in front of you. So, he would only smile her smile when he was thinking of her, or days like the ones he'd see her wake up.

Samantha didn't know about Dean's feelings towards her, and it was a good thing, too. Dean didn't want her to know, who knows what she'd think. It just would be too awkward being in the same room if Dean would reveal his feelings to her and she'd reject him. The only reason Samantha would sometimes sleep with Dean was because of all the visions and nightmares she'd have. Some were very frightening, so, in the middle of the night, when Dean would be sleeping, she'd slip out of bed and join him in his bed. Sometimes, the beds in certain motels Dean and Sam take residence in were very small so most of the time, when Samantha would sleep in Dean's bed with him, she's practically have to be on top of him. But Samantha didn't mind at all, she was okay with it.

The first time Samantha had done that, Dean had awaken to see her so...close to him that he almost kissed her. Before he could, Samantha woke up so Dean acted like he was still sleeping. When she got out of bed and went inside the bathroom to shower, Dean then opened his eyes, softly groaning at how close they had been moments before. Although, now, Dean could control the urge to kiss her and would be satisfied with just holding her in his arms tightly, savoring the feeling for yet another day of reckless hunting.

Dean stared at Samantha's sleeping figure, smiling at her. She was so beautiful. How could've his mother created such a beautiful being? At that moment, Samantha opened her eyes and Dean quickly let his smile fall from his lips, but kept his heated gaze towards her. Samantha only stared at him, her beautifully crafted eyebrows scrunching up in confusion as Dean continued to watch her.

"What?" She asked, "Is there drool on my face?" Lifting her hand, she wiped the corners of her lips.

Dean shook his head. "No," He replied, "There's nothing, nothing at all."