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Fix It, Ada

Chapter 1: Fix It, Ada

by TirnelEstel

A challenge I gave myself. And it was a challenge figuring it out. I hope you enjoy this ficlette. I am not sure if you should laugh or cry through this, but as long as you enjoy it, I guess it does not matter much.


Elrond’s head jerked up at the sound of a pair of small feet running towards his study door. The door flew open and hit the wall with a bang as Estel flew into the room sobbing and carrying something in his hands. He stopped in the middle of the room and held out his hands. “Ada, help it!” Elrond stood and skirted around his desk to kneel before the young boy. “Fluffles hurt it, please, Ada, make it better.” Estel sputtered and shoved the thing into Elrond’s hands.

The thing was cold and furry. Elrond looked at what it was that he was supposed to heal and quickly masked his disgust at the dead mouse he held. “Fluffles” as Estel had so named the grey and white fluffy haired mouser that lived around the kitchen, had evidently caught one in front of the boy. He was uncertain as to what to say or do as he looked at Estel’s face.

“Estel…” Red-rimmed eyes filled with hope stared back at him. Estel’s breath hitched and he sniffed. “Estel, there is nothing I can do. Forgive me son.” Estel put his hands to his eyes and began to cry harder. “Now, now,” Elrond said gently, pulling a blue silk handkerchief from his pocket he dabbed Estel’s eyes.

“I thought you could heal anything.”

“I cannot bring back the dead,” he paused to tuck a loose lock of hair behind his son’s ear. “As much as I may want to.” Tucking a finger under Estel’s chin, he lifted up the boy’s head. “Wait here just a moment.” He tucked the handkerchief back into his pocket and stepped outside the door and leaving Estel in the room, “Celebfán.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“See that a bath is prepared for Estel and…” he held out the dead mouse, “see that that is taken care of.” Celebfán made a face and gingerly took the mouse by the tail.

“Y-yes, my lord.” Celebfán turned down the hall and Elrond returned to the room.

“Now, let us get you cleaned up,” he said as he bent to pick up the boy. He grunted as he lifted him up. He is getting a little big for this. Estel wrapped his arms around his father’s neck.

“Why did Fluffles kill it?” he asked.

“That is her job.” He turned to go up the stairs. “Mice and rats get into our food and can carry diseases which can make you sick. She also needs to eat and that is one of the staples of her diet. As are birds, if she can catch them”

“Won’t the ‘zeases make her sick?”

“I suppose they could, but she is most likely immune to some of them and she is smart enough not to eat the ones that appear sickly.”

They entered Estel’s chambers where two servants stood in waiting. “That will be all, thank you,” Elrond dismissed the servants who bowed as they left. Estel was set down to stand on the floor of the bathing chamber to remove his clothes. Once devoid of clothing, Elrond placed him in the tub of warm water and rolled up the sleeves on his robes. Estel began to play with the water as Elrond reached for a cloth and soap.

“I do not know why you are giving me a bath this early, Ada, I shall only get dirty again.”

“Not if you are careful and do not go rolling around in the dirt.” Elrond said with a smile as he rubbed soap on the cloth. True, it was not yet noon, however Elrond was always eager to spend time with Estel and escape the confines of his study.

Estel sighed and said, “I will try, Ada.” Elrond laughed. He did not need foresight to tell him he would be giving the child another bath before bed.

The End

Disclaimer: The cat used in this story is based on a real cat. The name of the cat has been changed to protect the identity of the cat.

Lol (could not resist) ; )(but seriously, it is based on a real cat)