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Simba and Buffy

Chapter 1: Prologue

by PerseusSimba

In the Sunnydale Zoo, it was nighttime. All of the animals were asleep in their cages that are behind the exhibits. In one of them, a male lion cub was dreaming. He has brown eyes, and his fur is wooly, gold, and tan. He had spots that will disappear when he's grown.

He has four symbols that are connected, which is a mark on his right shoulder. The first symbol is Okodee Mmowere which is are the talons of the eagle, and it is the symbol of power, bravery, and strength. The second symbol is a word in Swahili. The word is mtoto, which means child. The third symbol is Akofena, which means courage, bravery, and heroism. The fourth symbol is a lion paw. It means progress, accomplishment, protection, bravery, and guidance along the right path that has the other three symbols inside it. He had it since he was born, which made him unique among the lion cubs.

In the lion cub's dream, he was walking down a dark hallway. He could smell the stench of death in the steel hallway of a place he does not know. He could feel the coldness of the vinyl floor on his four paws. Suddenly he heard alarms blaring, and there were growls all around him.

He saw a girl that has long blonde hair and emerald eyes, petite, slender, and have a scar on the right side of her neck wearing a dress with cherries at the end of the hallway. He walks toward the girl, but she didn't see him. There was a brown leather bag in front of her. She kneels in front of the bag and opens it up. She put her hands in it and then pulls her hands out of the leather bag. On her hands, there was gray mud on them.

She starts to smear the mud all over her face. The color scheme then turned infrared red and an ultraviolet plan while she was rubbing the clay on her face. Then she stops spreading the muck on her face and looks at the lion cub with a primal look. He looked on with fear because he didn't know what she will do to him. He decides to get away from her. She grabs the cub when he tried to get away from her and lay the cub on its back, showing its stomach in her arms. She was lowering her face, then all of a sudden, a bunch of visions of the girl fighting the evil forces that she had fought before were blurring through the cub's vision.

The cub woke up screaming. He looks around, and all the other cubs were asleep. The cub said to himself, "Come on, Simba, get a grip. It's just a dream. She can't be real. There is no way she can be real!" Then Simba went back to sleep.

Simba had been dreaming about this girl as long he can remember. He and the other cubs were born in the Sunnydale Zoo on October 1,  2019. The lion pride had been there since June 1st when they had been transported by a zoo that had flooded in the African country of Zimbabwe during the wet season.

His other dreams of the girl were the ones that she is fighting men in armor, a snake monster, ugly looking scabby weird-looking creatures, people that were driven crazy, and a powerful lady.

What Simba didn't know how much his life will change or that the girl he had been dreaming about is right in the town of Sunnydale and that they will soon collide.

A/N: I will put references of the past episodes of Buffy: the vampire slayer of season one to season four including the first four episodes of season five, and I'll tell you which episode and season the reference is from.
Season four: episode 22: restless


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19 Aug 2020
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19 Aug 2020