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Chapter 1: 9anime


Anime is word used to describe cartoons living outside of Japan. This word actually is a Japanese word for cartoon. People use this word to describe anything movie or show from Japan. <a href="https://animestv.su/">9Anime </a>is a website where you can see the animation
<a href="https://animestv.su/">Anime TV</a> provide you such a great movies, TV series, and OVA
You can request on this site that you want to need to watch and listen.
You can find in this site most watched movies and ease.
You can see any famous animated clips without any problems
This site can able to you find latest mobile phone cartoon and etc.
You can enjoy free dramas films on in these sites
Where to watch it
If you want to watch the excellent anime that streaming right now. So this list is for you. New shows regularly came here but the new sessions are most important and very interesting. I would like to thank some sites like Hulu, <a href="https://animestv.su/">crunchy roll</a> and etc.
One thing is save in your mind which section for each entry below just those are applies they are from us only