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#krtsk Twitter Stories

Chapter 1: The Only Good Thing About Mornings… Is You

by isilelensar

Kei Tsukishima is decidedly *not* a morning person. Super grumpy, no filter, take no prisoners, absolutely no fucks given, death ray glare, DO NOT talk to me... you get the drift.

Tetsuro Kuroo sees this and goes do or die mode to make Tsuki smile.

Challenge accepted.

Day 1 (Kuroo): Jokes not working. All I get is the death ray glare and a mumbled "fuck off" before he completely ignores me. Definite aura of gtfo, so I just leave him the cup of coffee I made.

I feel my face flush, and bite my lip with a tiny grin. Even grumpy, he's too cute.

Day 1 (Tsuki): It's too early for jokes. It's too early for smiles and happiness. It's too damned early. He needs to go away, so I tell him. But, there's a twinkle in his eyes, and his smile is bright.

*takes sip of coffee > eyebrow lift*

How does he know how I like my coffee?


Day 2 (Kuroo): Maybe making silly faces at random intervals is too much. And he's looking like he didn't get a lot of sleep, either. So much for that idea.

"Here," I set down another cup of coffee, a strawberry cheese danish, and walk away. "See you later... Tsuki."

Day 2 (Tsuki): "Don't call me that," I mutter as he leaves. I don't think he heard me. Whatever. I probably look like death warmed over, anyhow. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't get him out of my head.

*looks down at coffee and danish*

Great. He found out my breakfast pastry prefs.


Day 3 (Kuroo): Day is fucking ruined already. Who decides to start a meeting at 7am? This is ridiculous. Best part of my day is seeing Tsuki try not to smile. Maybe one day..

*runs into shop, makes his order*
*hastily scribbles note*
*realization dawns, he smiles*

Day restored.

Day Three (Tsuki): He's not here. Good. Dodged a bullet this morning. *checks watch* I know I'm not running late. *scans room again* Wonder what's keeping him...

*waitress serves him coffee and danish, hands him a note*
*realization sets in*

Oh no…


Day 4 (Kuroo): I'm beginning to see the merits of sleeping later in the mornings. This really is too early. I doubt he's even awake. *picks up bag of danishes and two coffees* Sunrises are overrated anyway. *turns around, sees Tsuki, and stops*

"Leaving so soon?"

Day 4 (Tsuki): "You made it."
"Well, yeah." I held up the note. "You asked me to meet you here."
He chuckles awkwardly. "Right." We just stare at each other for several minutes, or hours. Then, he holds up a bag and one coffee. "Wanna watch the sunrise with me?"


Day 4 cont. (Kuroo): Be cool, be calm. Be still my heart.
Don't spill the coffee. Don't drop the danishes. Don't act like you've just won the lottery.

Tsuki smiled! An actual, genuine, smile!
And it's so beautiful. Just like I knew it would be. Just like him.

Day 4 cont. (Tsuki): There are no words to describe Kuroo's reaction. Caught somewhere between ecstatic and bemused, I think. I take the coffee and bag from him, and he starts strolling along, until we find a place to sit.

"I'm glad you came," he said quietly.
"So am I."


a/n: there's only one reason Tsuki will ever be awake so early in the morning... and that's Kuroo. #krtsk


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The Only Good Thing About Mornings… Is You
11 Nov 2021
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11 Nov 2021