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Wedding Plans

Chapter 1: Wedding Plans

by isilelensar

"So this is where I find you," Tetsu says playfully, ambling into the kitchen. He scrubs a hand though Kei's mussed hair, mussing it further, then bends over to kiss him on the head.

Kei gives him a fond, yet grumpy look. "Yeah, well... wedding plans."

“This early, though? I am fairly certain you’ve been up before 8am this last week.”

Kei squints at Tetsu. “Wedding plans,” he repeats, as if it were blatantly obvious why he was up way too early. On a weekend. Or any other day during the week, if one were honest.

Tetsu gets the coffee maker started, turns around, and leans back against the kitchen counter. He’s got that goofy, entirely-too-happy-with-life look on his face. Again. It doesn’t matter one bit that Tetsu catches Kei with that same exact look on his face. Only later in the day, of course.

“Yes, we’re getting married,” he says happily as he brings two mugs of coffee over to the table. And then pauses, looking rather bamboozled, because the kitchen table is literally covered with all sorts of papers and notebooks. Looks like Kei was even starting up some sort of filing system. Kei is in his element. Kei is a planner.

“It can’t really be that complicated, can it?” he asks as he nudges aside a notebook, plunks Kei’s coffee down on the table, and sits down across from his love. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No,” Kei answers the last question first. He leans back in his chair, pencil tapping against his lips, expression so thoughtful it was a wonder he even heard Tetsu at all. But this was yet another facet of their relationship: Kei goes deep into think mode; Tetsu tries to pop him out of it if he goes too long. “It shouldn’t be this complicated,” Kei admits. “But we want it to be perfect, right?”

“That’s what’s got you worried?” Tetsu teases gently, earning a scowl from Kei. Tetsu takes another sip of his still-too-hot coffee. “We’ve just agreed on a date. What else do we need other than place, time, and who we’re inviting?”

“That’s only just part of it, and you know it,” Kei says, frustration in his voice. “Decorations, clothes, Shinto-style or western…” his voice trails off as he looks up at Tetsu. “Your way sounds so much easier, but…”

Fondly, Tetsu reaches over and boops Kei on the nose. “Well, why don’t we make the bigger decisions first and then go from there? Figure if we know what we want, then it won’t be too hard finding everything else we need to make it happen. Right?”

“I’m overthinking again, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but I love you anyway,” Tetsu teases as he rises slowly from his seat. “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”


“Question mark,” Tetsu says as he gets the ingredients he needs.

“Still early,” Kei mumbles. “Pancakes,” he says more decisively. Tetsu winks at him.

“Coming up!”

As he goes about making their breakfast, Kei watches him with a little smile on his lips. Tetsu doesn’t always cook for them; that particular task falls to Kei. Tetsu eventually explained, a couple years ago, that he does know how to cook, but he was often by himself growing up, so cooking was more of a chore and a bother. When he met Bokuto and Akaashi, and they started hanging out together, he rarely cooked even then, preferring to eat what Akaashi made instead.

When he met Kei, he fell back on that same habit at first. But once Kei found out he could cook, and with some competency, he encouraged Tetsu to cook more often. Now, Kei still does most of the cooking, but Tetsu will take over when Kei isn’t feeling like it, or like this morning, when Kei didn’t even think to eat at all.

“So, we’ve decided on a date,” Kei says, unearthing a notepad and flipping to a fresh page. “October 14.”

“Completely random, or so they’ll think,” Tetsu says, chuckling. “You know they’re going to ask why.”

“Yeah,” Kei agrees with a smirk. “Let them ask. Eventually they might figure it out.”


“You love it, though.”

“One of the many reasons why I’m marrying you.”

“Big sap,” Kei says blushing. Tetsu turns around to wink at him, and he winks back, making Tetsu blush, too. “Ahem, well, anyway,” Kei stumbles over his words a bit. “Shinto-style or western?”

“Western,” Tetsu says, flipping a pancake onto the pile he already made. “I mean, I like Shinto-style, but western would let us do whatever we want.”

“True,” Kei agrees, writing that down. “So, date and style are done. What about location?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, we could have an outdoor wedding. How about renting one of the pavilions at the park?”

“I like it…”


“Why stay local? Why not tie the knot in Kyoto, or Osaka?”

“Staying within budget is also a good idea, Tetsu.”

“We have a budget?” Tetsu served Kei his pancakes, with butter and extra syrup. He also passed his love the syrup container, knowing Kei would inevitably dump more on his pancakes. Incurable sweet tooth. “Thought I said money wasn’t an issue.”


“I mean, if you rrreeeaaalllyyy want to stick within budget, we could just hold the ceremony in the gym where we met. The first time.”

Kei narrowed his eyes at his fiance. “Literally can’t believe you even thought that.”

“Why not? It’s special, nostalgic, we can even put up the net for a game…” he dodges a pack of sticky notes and laughs. “Okay, okay! Not the gym! Even though it would be easier… hey!” He dodges a pancake. “I just cooked that!”

“Not the park, and definitely not the gym,” Kei says. “Where? And try to be serious.”


“Hokkaido? That’s oddly specific.” Kei is more curious than anything.

“The foliage will be beautiful, and Sapporo has this huge food festival thing going on around that time,” Tetsu lists his reasons around bites of pancakes. “Not to mention there are several other fun things to do. We could get married, and have our honeymoon, all in the same place.”

Little did Kei know that Tetsu had already looked into Hokkaido as a wedding location. Not just for the reasons given, but also for the ones not. He knows how much Kei loves history; Shiryokaku, Goryokaku, and Matsumae Castle would be the perfect places to visit. All of it hinged on getting Kei to agree on Hokkaido in the first place.

“You’ve done some homework,” Kei says suspiciously, dumping another large amount of syrup on the pancakes he hadn’t eaten yet. He narrows his eyes at his fiance; a common occurrence. Tetsu merely tries to look innocent, stuffing more pancakes in his mouth.

“If we do decide on Hokkaido, who will come? It’ll be expensive for a few of our friends.”

“I told you, money isn’t an issue,” Tetsu reminds him. “We can rent out some rooms in whatever hotel we stay at, and pay for their train tickets there and back. All they’d need to worry about is food before and after the wedding and reception.”

“Maybe I should have left the planning to you,” Kei grumbles.

“Nah. We’re a team. I wouldn’t want all the decisions to be mine.”

“Fine. We’ll be married in Hokkaido,” Kei relented. It was a good idea, wedding and honeymoon all in the same location, and… well, he always wanted to go there, anyway. Tetsu already came up with a way to make it all work, even for those who wouldn’t have been able to make it because of the price tag. So, now they need to figure out who all to invite.

“Thinking of a guest list?” Tetsu guessed. Kei shot him a startled look, and then smiled.

“Not really. I mean, Akaashi and Bokuto, Mom, and Akiteru are all automatic guests,” he lists the most important people first, and writes their names down. “Other than that, what about just inviting our old teams?”

“That’s a lot of people.”

“Not really. We don’t know who’ll be able to come,” he inclined his head and smirked. “Besides, I thought money wasn’t an issue?”

“It’s not, but…”

“In addition to the ones I already named, I’ll invite Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Noya, Tanaka, Hinata, King, Tadashi, the bench squad, Kiyoko, Yachi, Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei.”

“I can invite Kenma, Kai, Yaku, Lev, Inuoka, Fukunaga, Yamamoto, and Coach Nekomata.”

“Once we get the r.s.v.p’s back, we’ll know what we have to work with from there.”

“Do we put down the plus one option?”

“Have you heard if anyone else is dating, or even married, recently?”

“Not really, no.”

“Single invite only, no plus one. Unless someone asks specifically if they can bring a guest.”

“Deal. How are we on that list of decisions?”

“Date, style, place, invitees,” Kei ticks off the list again.

“Late afternoon or evening?” Tetsu asks as he starts clearing away the empty dishes.


“For the ceremony. Late afternoon or evening?”

“I figured you’d want it in the morning, or at least before noon,” Kei replies, rising to help him wash and dry the dishes.

“You’re not a morning person, and you’re super grumpy and sarcastic the earlier you have to wake up,” Tetsu says gently, leaning over to kiss Kei’s temple. “The later we start, the easier to mitigate any casualties.”

“I’m not that bad!”

“Last month, when we had to be up at 4am, at the train station by 6am, you growled and glared so much that everyone around automatically went around you by 20 feet.”

“You didn’t.”

“I love you, and I’m used to it. Your sarcastic abilities and grumpy powers won’t work on me.”

“Smartass,” Kei replies, flushing with embarrassment. “I love you, too.” He dries and puts away the last dish, and then goes back to his place at the table. He picks up the notepad and writes down a few more points while crossing off others.

Tetsu dries off his hands and moves his chair right besides Kei’s. He slings his arm around the back, and starts drawing little doodles with his finger on Kei’s back. His ministrations elicit little shivers, and he loves it. Kei is always so responsive.

“Late afternoon or evening,” he asks again, not really caring about the plans anymore.

“L-late aftern-noon,” Kei stutters through another shiver. “J-just before suns-set.” He nearly jumps out of his skin when Tetsu leans over and imprints an open-mouth kiss just below his ear. “Maybe e-evening would be better,” he mumbles, carefully placing the notepad and pencil down on the table.

Tetsu grinned, his lips barely grazing Kei’s skin. “Still want to discuss wedding plans?” he asks softly, his hand running up under Kei’s shirt.

“It’s not even noon, yet,” Kei protests, though he arches his back against Tetsu’s hand. “Didn’t you have enough last night?”

“I’ll never have enough of you.”


“Damn right. And you love it.”

Kei snorts before he turns to kiss Tetsu deeply. “I love you,” he whispers against Tetsu’s mouth as soon as the kiss ends.