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Taken Away

Chapter 1: Prologue

by isilelensar

[2 years ago]

It was done.

He never thought he’d even have to do it until much, much later. Like, when he was old and gray, having lived life as much as he could and with those he loved. Not after his 33rd birthday.

But considering the way his health had been slowly working against him, this was what he needed to do. Even if Tetsu hated it. He hated it too, but… What else was he supposed to do?

Kei sat at the kitchen table, looking at the packet of papers. Inside the manila envelope was his will. He bequeathed everyone in his family things he knew they’d want, especially the children. But for Tetsu… oh god, Tetsu. Fresh tears fell, and he buried his face in his hands.

They’d argued about Kei even making a will in the first place, last week. The argument triggered an attack, which luckily they were able to stop with his inhaler. And when he was able to breathe again, he looked at his husband, tears in both their eyes.

“This is exactly why I need to have my will drawn up, Tetsu,” he whispered. “The attacks are much more frequent, and stronger. An inhaler can only help so much, and there might be a day when…”

“I know,” Tetsu replied shakily. “I know. I just hate to think that you might be taken away from me.”

“I hate it, too. I hate it so much, but…”


They’d sat on their bedroom floor, holding each other like a lifeline. After a few minutes, their door was pushed open, and their kids came in, joining them, making it a family hug. Of course, the other half of their family came into the room, making it an even bigger family hug, and soon they were all laughing. As it should be.

His life was a ticking time bomb, but Kei was going to live his life as much as he could before that bomb went off.


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18 Dec 2021
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18 Dec 2021