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Cosmological Poems of Arda

Chapter 1: Morgoth Bauglir

by AaronAzrael

A crystal ember, of redemption
fulfilled desire of an everlasting soul
a newly heartfelt comprehension
that gathered all to purify, bestow

my hopes in a goblet of chants
that knows no limit in its breath
if death is birth, then a deviant
of evil will crystallise like meth

ill, corrupted, emanating chills
that lure with a Demiurge passion
there are always two types of pills
ones that bring poison, others - compassion;

I live in the dream of the Ktulu
but I have awoken in the Titanlands
with my first breath I already knew you
the Sea is a movement that can revive sands

Explosions can be good for an innocent Soul
if there is a Party in the Aromatic Vessels
with neon lights impaling skies, it's all controlled
but chaos is Alchemy primordial and an ancestor.

I believe that I can fly
but gravity refrains me as a fragment
What's immortal, can it die?
if the guardians mistake a sacred moment?

Trinity, you were born today
but when was born the Evil Melkor?
The void belongs to yesterday
and I dare not open this door

I will see an eye unholy
and I want to wake a tears waterfall
what is the meaning of sorry
when the aum goes deep in the low

I have heard inexplicable twists
the primordial matter of black unmanifestus
veins with pitch black blood, thin wrists
that hold an Aura of an Unknown Animus

And it sings

Tell me why I'm waiting for a bell
to wake up my new life force energy
I'm a Legion, an Infernal well
A cluster of unborn sadistic tragedy

I am what you never see
as it has never been born
the death in empty eyes, a Devil free
of form, of name, of mourns.

Mourn now, to exist!
Alas, the Evil has no tears of crystallisation
God loves paradoxes, the breath of bliss!

A Balrog of Morgoth blows the Bauglir to unkown ascensions...

And it sings

"It has begun. The east will fall.

So shall the Kingdom of Angmar rise.

The time of the Elves is over.

The Age of the Orc has come. "


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Chapter name
Morgoth Bauglir
06 Aug 2022
Last Edited
06 Aug 2022