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Tol Elannon was formed from the ruins of the Island of Númenor, immortalized by modern humans as the legendary Lost City of Atlantis. The island sank thousands of years ago, following a slight dispute between the Valar and the Middle-earth Men of the time, (details of this can be found in the 'Silmarillion'). Millennia after this tiff, however, Eru himself (the most important being in the cosmos, no less) ordered the Valar to resurrect part of the island and to give certain humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits and who knows what other races, an opportunity to come here and make a new life for themselves. After sampling a few of the tales here you will find yourself acquainted with the most diverse and unique group of original characters anywhere. Of course many of your favourite Canon Characters are here as well. Romance, intrigue and midnight rendezvous abound to tempt your imagination.

Fëanor, the former First Age, Noldorin King, and Saruman, the Third Age Maiar, have been tasked by the Valar with the governance of the peoples of the Island. Grima Wormtongue, Third Age man of Rohan, assists in their missions of acquisition through the watery veil. Aidan, a fiesty modern age woman from Beverly Hills, the resident ambassador, helps new arrivals get their bearings in the village by answering questions and giving a general orientation. But all of the male residents formerly on Middle-earth are kind enough to offer their assistance, and anything else they might desire, to any newly arrived modern women.

You think Tol Elannon could be for you? Please, note that this is an adult only section, just as the rest of Open Scrolls, and stories are most likely to be of a sexual nature. But it is also a close-knit, supportive group to gather more experience or begin to explore your own first attempts in writing erotica.

If you want to look in and read rather than participate, you can access the stories only once you have registered as a read only member of the Tol Elannon Virtual Village. And if reading a few stories makes you want to beg to play in this sandbox then consider joining as a writing player.

Ready to walk sandy beaches with an elf or ride across the plains with a Horse Lord? Care to share ale with a dwarf or enjoy a merry evening with a hobbit? Then the VV mods can help you with the arrangements. Send them a message and they will be happy to assist you.

We are currently working on a little spot to make the village a more cosy affair. Check it out here. This won't mean we will stop using the forum for our usual dose of chatter or start archiving our stories somewhere else. We just thought having something more visual and centralised might bring our village closer together.