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Stories by mistressofbucklebury

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Henneth Annun (NC-17)   Average 3.67Average 3.67Average 3.67Average 3.67(3)

There is a red light in the Window on the West.

Submitted for Drabble Challenge #3

Published: 30 Mar 2005 -:- Updated: 30 Mar 2005
Chapters [1] -:- Words [115] -:- Type [PWP?] -:- Drabble -:- Reviews [6] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]
*Challenge Entry*
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (G)   Average 4Average 4Average 4Average 4(3)

One of the fellowship faces a difficult decision.

Submitted for the OSA Drabble Challenge #2.....

Published: 23 Mar 2005 -:- Updated: 23 Mar 2005
Chapters [1] -:- Words [129] -:- Type [General] -:- Warnings [none] -:- Drabble -:- Reviews [9] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]
*Challenge Entry*
A Pretty Toy (R) WIP  Average 3.5Average 3.5Average 3.5Average 3.5(2)

“Tom went up the mound and looked through the treasures…… He chose for himself from the pile a brooch set with blue stones, many-shaded like flax flowers or the wings of blue butterflies. He looked long at it, as if stirred by some memory, shaking his head and saying at last:
‘Here is a pretty Toy for Tom and for his lady! Fair was she who long ago wore this on her shoulder. Goldberry shall wear it now, and we will not forget her.’” (Fog on the Barrowdowns, FOTR)

This is the story of the lady who first wore the brooch, how Tom and Goldberry knew her and how her brooch ended up in the barrow. There are a few OCs but most are based on characters mentioned in the LOTR Appendices.

This is my first fic so all feedback (good or bad) will be gratefully received

Published: 27 Oct 2004 -:- Updated: 27 Oct 2004
Chapters [1] -:- Words [1,481] -:- Type [General] -:- Warnings [None that I can think of] -:- Principal Characters [OCs, Tom Bombadil, Goldberry] -:- Reviews [5] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]