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Chapter 1: Valor

by ADionne

I am a daughter of the warrior, born from the loins of father steel and mother hope and holding the likeness of grandfather courage with his noble beauty. Taught by my brothers honor, pride, and strength, I stand tall beside my forefathers in the halls of my people.

I come in times of need, riding with my kinsmen in a host of the bold, battle cry on my lips. I am the hand that does not falter and the voice that does not waver. I am the quiet before the battle clash and I am the song of the death stroke. I will fight by your side when others have gone and give of myself when you are weak. I am the touch that soothes your trembling of flesh and the fire that illuminates the night after my mother's light fades from the horizon.

And in the end, when dawn breaks again at last, I shine in the light of the new day. For I am valor, and I make the blood of men sing.