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Chapter 1: B. F. F.

by FatiferousPoet

Challenge Entry: This is for TV/Movies Drabble Challenge #8: Brothers in Arms
Disclaimer: The characters and HEROES story plot belongs to NBC. Be proud as a peacock and give kudos where corporate creative credit kudos are due!
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He helped her with the video, was her campaign manager and became her best friend.

Zach didn't know her anymore; despised The Cheerleader; was unable to recall that the invisible high school boundaries defining 'social groups' had been shattered. The usual laws that governed the halls were overcome thanks to open minds of freaks. Freaks. They joined forces because of who she was and then paid dear when his memory was wiped due to her still being the freak.

Unsure what pained greater, Claire decided his unknown betrayal wasn't as horrific as losing the boy she had began to love.

Claire Bennet
dealing with the everyday reminder of loss