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The dancing toys

Chapter 1: The dancing toys

by frodo16424

The dancing toys


Ithil shone down upon Imladris, bathing the elven refuge with its cool radiance. The fragrance of night blooming flowers perfumed the air.

In the Last Homely House, all was quiet, except for whispers of sounds emanating from the sleeping room of a young six year old human child.

Suddenly, the door flew open and Estel raced down the corridor, heart racing. He reached the door to Ada's room, and tapped on it lightly.

Elrond awakened instantly. He slipped on a robe and opened the door.

"Come in, tithen pen," said Elrond. Reaching for a blanket, he wrapped Estel in a cocoon of softness. "Now, tell me why you are not sleeping. Did you have a bad dream?" While Elrond was talking, he held the child close. He could feel Estel trembling.

Estel hid his face in the comfort of his foster father's shoulder. He was not sure if Elrond would believe him, but he knew what he saw.

In a small voice he said, "My toys were dancing. I woke up and they were dancing. Toys are not supposed to dance, are they?"

Elrond knew Estel would not make such a tale. "Nay, ion nin, toys are not supposed to dance. Mayhap you were dreaming?"

Stubbornly, Estel shook his head. "Nay, Ada. I was awake before they started. I was listening to the night birds talking to each other. I heard a noise and looked to see the toys dancing."

"I believe you, ion nin. Shall we go and see if the toys have stopped?"

Estel reluctantly nodded. Elrond carried him back to his room. As they approached, Elrond could feel Estel become tense.

"Do not worry, I am here. I would never let anything hurt you." Opening the door, he looked in. Toys were scattered on the floor. Nothing was moving.

Setting Estel on the bed, he asked "Would you like me to stay with you until you go to sleep?"

"Aye, please," Estel pleaded, as Elrond covered him with the blanket.

Through the night Elrond kept watch over Estel, keeping him safe.

Minas Tirith , many years later

In his room, Eldarion watched with wide eyes as his toys started to dance around....

A.N. When my son was about five years old, he told his paternal grandmother that one night his toys were dancing. She would not stay in our home afterwards. My son has maintained for almost thirty years that this actually happened. And yes, I believe him.