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Born Again

Chapter 1: A Mother's Heart

by Fyalee

Author's Note: I have two other stories in the wings, but I could not let this idea go to waste. It may be over-used by I think there is something unique to this story, something touching and poignant, which has affected me deeply. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have writing it.

Summary: A widow and her two children find themselves in Middle-earth. Will she allow a certain Marchwarden heal her bruised spirit? Or will their pride stand in the way of their happiness? There is only one way to find out...

Warning: Rated accordingly for adult themes.

Disclaimer: I claim no rights to The Lord of the Rings, which belongs to J.R.R Tolkien.


Born Again

Chapter One:

A Mother's Heart.


The day was warm and bright, the sunlight stretching out across the trees of the quiet park that was tucked away in the city of San Francisco. She sighed softly as the tender breeze of the late summer day ruffled the stray strands of her dark brown hair. Childish laughter filled her ears, causing her to look up at the sight of her children chattering and playing excitedly between themselves.

Had it only been a year?

A year since her husband had passed away, his life snuffed out like the fragile flame of a candle. Had it really been only one year since she felt his arms around her waist, as he made sweet, passionate love to her in their family home? It had... It had only been a year since her life had been turned upside down, her world shattered and left in brittle pieces beneath her feet.

Gods, she missed him.

She missed his vexing humour and his charming grin—she missed the feel of his body against hers, the unique scent of aftershave and fresh lake water that clung to him like second skin. He was her everything; he was her world. And he had been taken from her. Brutally. Undeniably. And now she was alone... So very alone. She was now the sole provider and protector of their young family. There had many many nights over the past year that she found herself in her children's rooms, soothing away their constant nightmares that she too would be taken from them as their father had been. It broke her heart to see them pain. It tore her soul apart to know that her five-year old daughter would never have her father beside her as she grew into a beautiful woman; that her eleven-year old son would never see the pride within his father's eyes as he became a man worthy of their family name.

How cruel fate was, to have her husband love them so unconditionally, only to be taken away in a mere second of someone else's stupidity. A hit and run accident. How cruel... And yet, she could blame no-one. Many times she wondered what would have happened if she had done things differently, if she had told him to stay in bed; she would have given him the promise of a day filled ardour and amour, if only he wouldn't go into work. But he did. And that morning had been their last cherished moment—a moment that she would never forget.

Her forest green eyes brimmed with unshed tears, stinging and burning as she tried to keep them from falling onto the smooth expanse of her alabaster skin.

No, she could not—would not cry. Would her tears bring him back? What purpose would they serve other than to ease the dull ache in her broken heart. She wanted to scream. She wanted to tear at the loose tendrils of her mousy brown hair and scream her grief to the world. But she would remain strong and she would smile for her children because now, they were the foundation to her strength. They were the one light in eternal darkness that she had been caged within.

She shifted against the tree that held her upright, watching the seeds of her loins enjoy the warm summer day. They needed her. How could she allow herself to wallow in self-pity when such gorgeous little creatures held out their hands to her? She would guide and them and lead them into life and be the best mother she could be. For now, they were her heart; they kept it's steady beat and pulse going on... And on, and on.


Her head snapped up at the sound of her whispered name. From the corner of her eye, she spied a subtle movement of the bushes that led into the heavily wooded area of the park. Between the dark tree stumps an orb of light flickered delightfully, startling her at the sight of the strange phenomena. She looked around to see if anyone else had noticed the light. They hadn't.

Standing slowly, as if a trance had descended upon her, Amelia took a hesitant step towards the yellowing orb that was now directly in front of her face. It was the size of a dime; how it got there was puzzling. But it looked so welcoming, so comforting that she wanted to reach out and touch it. The orb danced back, leading her slowly forward towards the woodland area of the park.

"Dylan," she called out to her son absently, "Look after Dana for me, I'll be back in a little bit..." She didn't hear her son's reply but knew that he would heed her words.

Stepping cautiously, she passed the border of trees and entered the heavily branched woods. It was as if the sun was fighting to break through the canopy of luscious green leaves above her head. As she went deeper into the woods, she barely noted the changing colour of the leaves as they faded from jade green to a pale, golden amber colour. All that she could focus on was the tiny yellow orb in front of her.

After what seemed like hours of walking, but was probably only a few minutes, she entered the clearing in the woods and halted in her tracks at the sight before her. Her husband! Her husband was standing before her, smiling softly as he regarded her curved form with appreciation and mischief. She cried out in pain, stretching her arm out to him. A year! A whole year since she had seen the boyish curve of his lips, grinning at her as though he knew of a secret that would change her life...

Her heart lurched as she stumbled forward to grasp the vision. She choked back the barrage of tears as his face faded slightly as she neared. The broken woman sprinted forth to embrace her lost love, only to find herself grasping at thin air.

"No!" She whispered as she sank to her knees, staring miserably at the earthy soil through the river of tears that could not be held back. "Come back... Kevin!" Her broken voice resounded loudly through the trees.

Holding her head in her hands, Amelia sobbed at the madness of her actions. She sobbed and grieved for the past that she would never be able to capture...

A shadow fell over her.

The soft rustle of leaves forced her to look at her knees, her eyes moving along before they came to rest upon two feet, clad in strangely formed leather boots. Her gaze trailed upwards, along the legs clad in form-fitting leggings, to the broad chest covered within the expanse of grey cloth.

Their eyes locked.

So blue, so familiar... Just like her husband's. All semblance of reason flew from her mind as focused on the endless blue eyes that looked down at her. Amelia smiled. It was him! It had to be him. Rising from her knees, she took the clouded face within her hands and allowed her tears to flow freely.

"Kevin! Is it really you? Oh god, Kevin," she flung her arms around his neck and pulled him close, not noticing that he didn't return her embrace. Her fingers trailed along his cheeks as she brought his head down to kiss his lips, her tears intermingling with the taste of his mouth. She drew back and kissed his eyelids, placing feathered kisses upon his face without hesitation.

"You've come back," she cried, "Please... Please don't leave me again; Kevin, my heart was breaking without you. Every morning that I woke without you by my side, a part of me felt like it was dying... Please, god, please don't leave me!" She closed her eyes and clung to the strong body, molding her soft curves against him, whispering and muttering endearments that would have softened the most coldest of hearts.


Her eyes snapped open at the sound of her son's voice. She smiled and looked up at her husband.

The face staring back at her was not her Kevin's. It was... Beautiful, beyond words and expression but—it was not her husband's face.

With a strangled cry, Amelia pulled herself away, as if she had been burned by her actions. "You're not him," she choked in desperation, "You're not him!"

Her son came to stand at her side, glaring at the strange man.

It was then that she realised they were surrounded by a number of abnormally beautiful men, all wearing the same type of odd clothing that reminded her of something from an ancient time in the past. Fear crept into the forefront of her mind as the man she had hung on to, stared at them impassively. Only now did she notice the bow and arrow in his hands, nocked and pointed to the ground.

"Where's your sister?" She gasped suddenly.

Her son frowned, pointing back to one of the men that was holding her youngest child to his chest, allowing her to pull at the locks of his silver hair with interest. He too was beautiful!

All of them were. It was a beauty that she could not put into words. It was like the soft sigh of the wind on a bright summer afternoon, it was the churning of crystal clear water in a babbling brook—of blossoming flowers straining to catch the grace of the sun's dawning rays... Magnificent, glorious, mind-numbing and absolutely frightening.

But somehow, she didn't seem to care.

Snarling like a rabid dog, she stalked towards the man holding her child and tore her daughter out of the arms of the odd creature.

Instantly, Dana began to cry as she reached out to the man, "Momma," she whimpered, "Momma, I wanna stay with the pretty man! Momma, please!"

"Hush," she soothed, stroking the dark curls of her daughter's head. With her free arm, she reached out and pulled her son into the safety of her side. Holding them close to her bosom and side, she regarded the peculiar looking men around her with hidden fear and trepidation threatening to burst forth from her pounding heart.

The man she had held and kissed stepped forward slightly.

Instinctively, Amelia took a step back with her children, still holding them close as if she could shield them with her arms from the dangers of the world. "Stay back!" She commanded angrily, her fearful eyes darting back and forth between the six men that had trapped her within the circle of their bodies. She knew that if prompted, she would fight for the lives of her children—arrows or no.


Rúmil sighed as the oddly dressed woman took the child from his arms. She treated them as though they were to be feared—as though they were enemies. He would never understand mortals and their contrasting behaviour. Shee had seen the awe and reverence of their beauty, yet she feared them all the same. They were such an enigma, these mortal creatures.

Seeing her embrace his stoic brother, seeing her kiss him through her tears had pained him. It was glaringly obvious that she was mad. She kept calling him 'Kevin' and he deduced that it must have been the name of her bond-mate... Her beloved.

There had been so much relief in her gait as she kissed Haldir, whispering sweet endearments to him as though he was the other half to her soul. The four other wardens had also witnessed this display, and Rúmil could see that they had been shocked that Haldir had allowed such contact from her. Perhaps his brother saw something that they could not..?

As the perplexing mortal woman finally realised that Haldir was not her bond-mate, the broken expression on her face had nearly undone him. Were she an elf, she would had faded from this world; of that, there was no doubt.

He locked his grey eyes with the little girl's two rounded blue eyes as she stared at him, crying and reaching out for him. The strings of his heart tugged at the innocent, tear-stained face that called out to him. He did not understand the Common Tongue, but he knew a few words and he was pleased, and slightly embarrassed, that she had called him 'pretty'. With those words, she had found a place within his heart. All elven children in Lothlórien had aged and were now adolescents, or had come of age. It had been many years since the Golden Wood had heard the tinkering laughter of children...

Secretly, Rúmil wondered how the family of mortals had wandered into the realm of Lórien. Something about their presence felt old, timeless—even though he knew from the woman's face that she could be no more than thirty-four years of age.

His thoughts faded away as he observed the interaction between his brother and the woman.

Silently, the other wardens of Lothlórien also watched their commander and Captain deal with the trapped trio of skittish mortals.


Haldir felt his heart throb as the unnatural woman kissed him as if he was the only thing that could keep her from drowning in her sorrow. He did not have the heart to push her away, to tell her that he was not this man, 'Kevin' that she spoke of between her sobs of relief and joy.

And then, the moment had been shattered by a young boy's voice. She had pulled away from him, looking at him with something akin to horror and fear as she realised that he was not her 'Kevin'. Her jade green orbs floundered precariously, upon the very brink of losing her sanity.

Until she blinked. As he observed her, he could almost visibly see the stone walls being erected within her eyes. Her posture straightened and no longer was she defeated and broken by the realisation that she had kissed a stranger.

She stood now huddling, what he assumed was, her children. As if she was protecting and shielding them from the wrath of the elves around her. All three mortals wore strange garb and cloth, unidentifiable and remarkable in craftsmanship. He wondered if she had created them...

He sensed no immediate danger from her and the children looked to be an innocent pair. Even though the young lad was glaring at Haldir with poorly concealed suspicion and intrigue.

Taking a step forward, he almost frowned as the woman shied her children away from his cool, indifferent gaze. Surely she should know that elves were noble! However, judging from her distrustful demeanor and the odd sensation he felt as he looked at her, he knew that he would have to tread softly.

"I am Haldir of Lórien," he started quietly in the Common Tongue, "You have passed through the borders of our land. We bear you no ill will, though you may go no further into this realm. However, I am willing to offer my assistance, if you wish it."

She blinked, "Lórien? Where's that?"

Haldir frowned, "It is the realm of Lady Galadriel, Lady of the Light."

The woman shook her head, "Lady of the Light?" She parroted, "Look buddy, I don't know what's going on or who you are, but I just want to take my children and home. Okay?"

"I know nothing of this buddy..." He looked at her with a confused expression on his usually emotionless face. "Where is your home?"

"San Francisco," she looked at him as though he were mad.

The Marchwarden mirrored her look, "This realm is unknown to me."

"It's a city, not a realm. We're not living in the middle-ages you know."

Haldir pinched the bridge of his nose. He did not have time to deal with the raving ramblings coming from a delusional mortal. "May I have your name?"

She stared at him long and hard, relaxing slightly as she realised that he would cause her family no harm. "Amelia... Amelia Rendall."

"Amelia of Rendall?"

"No, just Amelia Rendall; it's my second name."

The Marchwarden was growing confused by the second. "Ah—" He was about to say more when he heard the Lady's voice whisper into hiss mind. Tilting his head, he listened to her decree.

Bring her to me, my Marchwarden... Bring her to me.

Blinking away the effect of the mind-speak, he looked sternly at the woman and her children. "I have been ordered to bring you to the Lady."

"What?" Amelia exclaimed, scowling. "Listen, I'm not going anywhere with you and your weird men. I'm taking my children and I'm leaving."

Haldir stepped forward intentionally, "I am afraid that I cannot allow you to do that, my lady." He froze as she spied his pointed ears.

"W-what are you?" Amelia pulled her children closer to her, in an attempt to protect them.

The Marchwarden bowed, "I am an elf."

With his words, she promptly crumpled to the ground before him. Staring dazedly at the unconscious woman, he noticed that his youngest brother had swept the girl-child into his arms before she too hit the ground with her mother. The boy with the brown hair and green eyes had tried to hold her up, but he did not possessed the strength to keep her upright, and so he fell to the ground with his mother.

"Hey!" His shout of surprise pierced through Haldir's sensitive hearing, causing him to wince. "What did you do to my mom?" The young boy accused, shooting the elves around him another suspicious glare.

Haldir crouched down beside the angry boy, "I did nothing, little one. It would seem that your mother has received a terrible shock. We will care for her, if you allow us to?"

The boy nodded reluctantly, "Okay."

He took the strange word to be an affirmative, "What is your name?"

"Dylan, and that's my little sister, Dana," he pointed to the girl ensconced within Rúmil's arms. Haldir held back a smile and jibe at the sight of the hardened warrior elf, holding a small child to his chest.

"You all have very strange names," he remarked quietly, as he lifted Amelia's prone form into his arms. He would carry her to the nearby talan, that had been posted along the Northern fences of Lórien.

"Yeah right," Dylan snorted in disbelief, "This coming from someone called Haldir!"

The Marchwarden bit back a smile at the sharp retort. He stood corrected.

Whoever this strange and intriguing family was, Haldir had orders from the Lady to bring them to Caras Galadhon. He was still suspicious as to why they had entered the borders of his realm, but he knew that questions would be
answered upon the Lady's inquiry. Perhaps then he would be able to solve the mystery of this green-eyed female.



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